AMC Terms And Conditions

UNISAM INFOTECH provides Annual Maintenance Contract for rendering computer maintenance services to individuals,homes, offices,businesses and Organizations throught the year(on regular basis) at nominal value. Regular preventive maintenance is essential for the trouble free working of any computer system. It also ensures that its components last well past their rated lives.

Duration of the Contract

The contract is valid for one year from the date of signing of MOU on AMC. This may be renewed from year to year subject to rendering of satisfactory service & fulfilling the term & conditions.

Maintenance Services

  • On Phone Assistance: A computer Expert would speak to you and help you solve your computer related issue over the phone.
  • Preventive Maintenance:Periodical preventive maintenance will be made once every month.
  • Software Related Issues Covered:Operating system Issues/configuration, Virus and spyware detection and removal, Annoying Pop-ups, Boot Failure, Unexpected application behavior, Hard Disk Related (checks, partitioning, cleanup, defragmentation),installation of free updates, patches and drivers, internet connectivity issues. Hardware-software conflicts.
  • Hardware Related Issues Covered:Checking connectivity (data/power cables), System Cleaning, Reassembly, Installation of new hardware device or component.
  • Discounted Services: Other services such as System Crash Recovery, Data Recovery,Network Setup related the the system under AMC would be chargeble but at a discount.
  • USI shall not be responsible for repair of damage or malfunctions of system due to accident, or use of non-standard electrical power, dust air conditioning, if repaired the customers will be required to bear the cost of spares.
  • The Service will consist of preventive and corrective maintenance including fitting and supply of replacement parts. The contract will cease if any person other than UNISAM INFOTECH Service Engineer opens the system. The customers has the right to make any changes or attachment to the equipment under AMC, provided such changes or Attachment does not prevent proper maintenance from being performed or unreasonably increase SAB cost of performing repair & maintenance. If any upgradation or addition is to be made to the systems then it should be done in the presence of a representative of UNISAM INFOTECH and AMC charges will be increased accordingly

Rules & Limitations

  • A survey of the Machine(s) for which the AMC is required, would be done by authorized Service Engineer of USI only.
  • AMC will be signed only for the machines which are in working condition and will be non-transferable to any other machine/person or address without proper approval from USI.
  • A detailed list of items for which the AMC is sought would be prepared at the time of the survey.
  • The contract can only be signed by a responsible person not less than 18 years of age and owner or incharge of the computer system(s) after approval from the higher authority if applicable.
  • The customer will provide all the software as needed on his/her pc/laptop. We may, however, provide licensed software etc. on payment basis. The contractor has rights to remove all software form the pc /Laptop which was installed to aid in his services to the customer.
  • All services will be provided on working days between 10 AM to 5 PM [Monday to Saturday], barring the public Holidays as per the Concerned State Government Holidays.
  • Contractee must sign and submit 'COMPUTER REPAIR & SERVICES WAIVER'.
  • USI reserves the right to cancel AMC at anytime and refund the fees after deductions incase any of the terms and conditions are breached.
  • Hard drive media, printer heads, Teflon & fuser assembly, Picture Tube, processor not be covered in A.M.C.It will cover only electronic parts of computer device not any plastic or metal parts.
  • Accidental/Intentional Damage, Burnt, Damaged goods/parts due to power surges/natural disasters/human error are not covered in the A.M.C.

Payment & Billing

  • Fee for the AMC for a computer system is decided based on first inspection of the system and its components.General AMC which is non-comprehensive is currently price at `3000/- for desktop Computer and `3500/- for Laptop.
  • Comprehensive AMC is provided if the number of machines is more than one.The Fee for Comprehensive AMC is decided after survey of the computer(s) setup and enumeration of the items for which the AMC is to be taken.
  • Full payment by cash,dd/check favouring "UNISAM INFOTECH" must be made after the contract is signed.
  • Payment for the AMC fee can also be done in fixed installments with PDC if number of computers is greater than 10.The First Installment must be of current date.
  • Defaulting on the payment of fees will result in immediate termination of the contract.
  • AMC includes 6 free site visits with services in an year.A fixed conveyance charge of `150/- is levied for each additional site visit.

Computer Services Waiver

Following is the declaretion which must be signed anlong with the AMC.

I_{customer name ,address,designation}__, here by authorize, UNISAM INFOTECH (hereafter referred to as USI) to perform work on my computer. I understand that USI technicians have been trained to perform computer hardware and software work, but USI is not an authorized service dealer. Further, I agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless USI from liability for any claims or damages of any kind or description that may arise from any computer work performed on my computer, unless it is caused by severe negligence of USI or its agent. I understand that USI is not responsible for any data loss which may occur as a result of work done on my computer.

I certify that I am the expressed owner of the computer systems described in this document. In the event, that I am found, not to be the true expressed owner of this computer system. I assume all liability for any claim made as the result of the technical support rendered by USI on this computer system including those claims which assert negligence on the part or USI.

I understand that technical support rendered by USI may void manufacturer warranties for this computer system. USI does not assume any liability or warranty in the event that the manufacturer warranties are voided. I understand that USI offers no verbal or written warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding the success of this technical support.

I expressly waive all claims against USI for any damages to this computer system or data that are incidental to the technical support rendered by USI. The liability of USI strictly limited to those damages to this computer system or data that are due to negligence on the part of while technical support is being rendered.