Computer Repairs

At Unisam Infotech you can get all your pc,Laptop,Printer ,UPS and a number of other accessories repaired at one place.We provide both Hardware and software support.

Hardware Support

For Repairs: All brands of Computers, Printers, Flatbed Scanners, UPS, Cabinets, Monitor, TFT, Power supplies, Motherboards, Ram, Optical Drives, etc are supported by us. We also have skilled staff for computer Networking, Computer Setup, Server Configuration etc for home and office.

Replacement: We can replace damaged Laptop screens, Laptop Keypads, Laptop Speakers, Battery, Power cords, ups battery, internal hard disks, optical drives, power supply, Graphic Chips, CMOS Battery

Repair under Warranty: We also take up repairs under warranty. For a basic service charge we deal with manufacturers directly and get your products (which are under warranty cover) repaired or replaced as per manufacturer specifications.

Software Support

Our skilled experts can solve a wide range of problems related to software. They can do so quickly,as we maintain a huge repository of issues and there best solutions. We document every issue we are faced with and provide the best solutions applicable. Some of the Issues we handle are:Windows Freeze Ups;Bluescreen Problems;System Crashes;Windows Recovery;Locked account;Annoying Pop-ups;Boot Failures;Server Configuration;Installation of Peripherals;Errors;Disk-cleanups;Disk-Defrag;Viruses;Detection ,Removal and Prevention of Spyware / Adware / Malware;Data backup;System Restore;Program Installations;Email Problems;Hardware Conflicts;Memory Problems;Software Conflicts;Updates/Patches;Internet Issues;Browser Hijacks;Internet Connectivity Issues;Small Wired/Wireless Networks;Network Printer Problems;LAN/WAN checks & troubleshooting;Firewall Configuration & Updates Bandwidth Test;Updating of Firewall rules;Many more.

Network Setup

Our networking specialists will design Networking Plan for offices/Home.Acquire Networking Components/Hardware for both wirless or wired LAN as needed and setup as per requirement. We can configure servers, router, internet access and security protocols.

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