Web Development

Our Software Engineers have worked on several projects of customized website and webportal developments. Our clients include Govt. of U.P.,Pioneer and few Business Owners. We use Software Engineering approach and our customers are very pleased with end results.

Office Management System

A web portal for Office Management. It can be used by people working in any office/department for uploading/downloading accepting /rejecting of various types of documents such as word docs, excel files images or pdf, files.

Through this web portal selective users can access documents related with field work on the internet. Comments and actions can be added to the uploaded files. The documents are stored on the web server for future reference and use.

It is also two side communication medium. Storage of data, required reports, fast communication, and document tracking are important features of the web portal. If you require this type of setup please feel free to contact us and we can customized this product for you.

SMS Portal

Ankhen News is a web portal designed by our Software Engineers for specific client.Through this portal our client is able to send bulk sms to mobile phones.

Book Translation,Editing & Printing

We also undertake projects for translation,editing and printing of books. Services for translations of Hindi to English and English to Hindi are currently available.other languages can also be arranged. Our clients include Govt. of U.P.