Service Rates

Service DescriptionOnsite RatesOffsite RatesAdditional Charges
Basic Desktop/Laptop Service`350/-`250/-NA
Formatting + Drivers Installation(w/o Download) + Basic Software Installation`450/-`350/-NA
Formatting + Drivers Installation(with Download) + Basic Software Installation`750/-`650/-NA
Hardware Installation (per Hardware Device)`250/-`150/-As Applicable
Virus/Malware Removal + HDD Service`400/-`300/-NA
Software Installation/Configuration`350/-`250/-NA
Network/Internet Setup(Per Work Station)`350/-`250/-NA
Data Recovery From Detectable Media (per GB)NA`75/-*`As Applicable
Data Recovery from old Damaged Media(For Damage & Recovery Report from Lab)NA`1700/-*As Applicable
Data Backup (per 4.7 Gb dvd)`350/-`250/-As Applicable
Data Backup (per 25 Gb Blu Ray)NA`400/-NA
Chip Level TestingNA`1500/-*As Applicable
Dvd to DVD copyNA`250/-NA
DVD Movie Conversion (per 4.7GB)NA`250/-As Applicable
Video Format ConversionNA`300/-NA
Hardware under Warranty Service`350/-`250/-NA
Scanning/Typing/Color Printout (per Page)NA`15/-NA
1. All Service Charges are inclusive of taxes & must be paid in cash only.
2. Onsite charges are limited to within 7km distance from the office.
3. Onsite visit charges must be paid in advance.
4. Onsite visit of Service Engineer is subject to availability.
4. Repair/service charges are valid for upto 3 days from date of service only.Conditions apply.
5. Customers are required to sign the Service Report prepared by our Service Engineer.
6. Advance Payment is required if parts are to be replaced.
7. Please Read the Terms of Service
*Rates may vary from case to case as per complexity and service rendered.