Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC - Our current price is `1500/- only for individuals,per computer.

Get 1yr subscription of Bitdefender Antivirus Pro FREE with every AMC.

Our Maintenance contract covers:

  • On phone assistance in solving minor issues on your own: A computer Expert would speak to you and help you solve your computer related issue over the phone. If you don’t know, then ask us how.
  • PC/Laptop and all accessories covered under contract would be serviced free of cost at our service center
  • Six free services at your Office/Home

Following list of issues would be covered:

  • Software Related Issues such as: Operating system Issues/configuration, Virus and spyware detection and removal, Annoying Pop-ups, Boot Failure, Unexpected application behavior, Hard Disk Related (checks, partitioning, cleanup, defragmentation),installation of free updates, patches and drivers, internet connectivity issues. Hardware-software conflicts.
  • Hardware Related Issues such as: Checking connectivity (data/power cables), System Cleaning, Reassembly, Installation of new hardware device or component.

Please Note:

  • Computer must be in working condition before taking AMC

  • We make seperate proposal for Institutions/Offices/Businesses based on demand Survey Report

  • Our Service Engineer will test the system before AMC is signed.
  • For detailed terms and conditions please see AMC Terms
  • For other clarifications use Contact Us Us.