Computer Hardware And Software

Computer Hardware

We provide most types of computer Hardware such as Desktop Computers,Laptops , Tablets, Printers, Scanners, UPS,Networking devices, Cables, All types of computer peripherals, Computer parts/Components such as Hard Disks, RAM, Graphic Cards, SMPS, Processor ,Motherboard, Led/Lcd Monitors etc. We deal in Multiple brands such as HP,Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung and many more. We cater to shops for bulk orders at special prices and offer very competitive prices to our direct customers. Please let us know if you need anything of any brand which is related to Computer Desktop/Laptop/Tablet in some way and we will be glad to help.

Assembled Computers

There are several reasons to go for an assembled system.Few of them are:

  • It is difficult to get a required configuration of a branded computer at an affordable price.
  • You Can also avoid proprietary designs and/or outdated products to be used in Your PCs as done quiet frequently by number of big brands.
  • You decide RAM size, Hard Disk Capacity, Processor Speed, Motherboard, and all peripherals.
  • Assembled system is easy to upgrade in future.

At UNISAM INFOTECH we help you design and assemble the computer system of your own choice. We have professionally trained hardware experts to tell you what is compatible and assemble a system for you within your estimated budget. All quotations are given free of charge.